The space is guarded on a 24-hour basis

love for the sea and experience in the field of marine engines

The maintenance and storage of your boat is an important investment to ensure its long-term proper operation. There is no guarantee if your boat has not been properly maintained. However, this is not always an easy task as finding and choosing the right space can be time consuming and usually costs a lot.

Recognizing this need, we have developed a specially designed space of 1000 sq.m., forming a standard unit for the safe parking and storage of yachts. During the storage we can undertake the complete service of your boat, if requested.

In a specially designed space of 1000 square meters we have invested in state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment with which our trained engineers carry out strict operation and service inspections of the engines of your boat.

The space is guarded on a 24-hour basis by closed circuit television & alarm as well as full lighting during the night.

In our effort to ensure a completely comfortable sea experience, we undertake the transport, hoisting and launching of your boat wherever and whenever you request it from us!

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