Our goal is to constantly provide high quality services. The human resources of Apergis Group are constantly updated and trained so that we are always at the center of technological developments in the field of automobiles.

For us, a satisfied customer is the one who will return, will consult and will trust us again and again the vehicle that serves him and transports him and his family.

We feel that our efforts are justified since we serve hundreds of regular customers but also customers who trust us to repair their most complex and demanding cars. At Apergis Group, however, we do not take anything for granted, so we aim at excellent service with sensible prices and guaranteed quality work.

fully specialized technicians

Our fully specialized technicians by category are at your disposal, ready to deal with any kind of damage caused.

We carefully study the needs of your vehicle to offer solutions that best suit your case. We provide expertise and reliability, and we guarantee it to every customer who trusts us!

Highly trained and qualified technicians are always ready and willing to meet your needs with the right answer to every problem. Regardless of the manufacturer, the car model or whether it needs a simple maintenance or a more thorough service, Apergis Group assures you of the perfect operation of your vehicle when you need it!

Set of tools for repair in car service - mechanic's hands, close up


N, Kornarou 3 , Tinos 84200
+30 2283026100

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday : 08:00-17:00
Saturday : 08:00-15:00
Sunday : closed

Official member of the Panhellenic Association of Marine Technicians of Small Boats

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